Tangible examples

Moving of machinery and equipment of a well-established manufacture from Québec to Mexico. This job required the fabrication of custom-made crates and pallets; we established the loading plan for several 40’ maritime containers and handled the packaging and containerization procedures.

  • Domestic and international packaging and shipping of several recreational vehicles (motorcycle, snow mobile) for individuals.
  • A custom-made multi-level, compartmentalized crate for the shipping a racing car to California.
  • Crates with special mounts to secure cylinders.
  • Crates for aircraft components, requiring custom-made complex mounts.
  • Special reusable crates for exhibitions : boxes on casters, with doors on hinges and locking systems.
  • Pallets with anti-vibration shock-absorber system and RoHS hardware for sensitive electronic or optical apparatus.
  • Crates with Ethafoam® cut-outs to ensure maximal protection of packaged items.
  • Vacuum packaging and use of desiccants for maximum humidity control.