Custom-designed industrial packaging

Caisses et palettes certifiées du Québec’s specialty is custom orders. We design crates suited to your needs and we have the capacity to process very large orders. We oversee all the steps, from the fabrication of your custom pallets or crates, including the maritime container loading plan, until the final shipping.

Our wood packaging materials comply with international shipping requirements ISPM 15 (NIMP 15). We offer the following products and services :

  • Custom-made wood shipping crates;
  • Custom-made wood pallets. We are also distributor of plastic pallets;
  • Dunnage stamped “export compliant”;
  • Industrial packaging;
  • Packaging services for individuals (motorcycle, snowmobile, furniture, etc.);
  • Vacuum packaging for maximal protection;
  • Maritime containerization (bracing and blocking);
  • Palettization (we have handled machinery of over 66,000 lbs or 30,000 kg);
  • Consulting services to help our customers on matters related to shipping.