Preparation for shipping hazardous material

We prepare shipments containing hazardous materials for all types of transport (air, sea, and ground).

To that effect, we need the following information:

  • Complete address detail of both consignor and consignee;
  • 24-hour emergency phone number;
  • Classification of all the products, that is, the safety data sheets (SDS or FDS in French);
  • Transportation method (air, maritime or ground);

This information will help us in our research, for example:

  • Is that type of transport authorized for the shipped item(s)?
  • What is the authorized type of packaging?
  • What is the quantity allowed per package?
  • Does the selected carrier have specific requirements (operator variations)?
  • Does the country of destination have specific requirements (country/state variations)?

This step completed, we will be able to proceed to the packaging and drafting of the consignor’s dangerous goods declaration.

Concealed dangerous goods:
Were you aware that every day several individuals and companies unknowingly transport or ship dangerous goods?
Magnets, battery-powered tools, lithium batteries, camping material, diving equipment, glue, drones, distress signals.